SkySerial: Read programme information from your Sky+ box

Browsing through an old backup the other day, I stumbled across some code I started writing back in late 2008/early 2009: SkySerial. Most Sky/Sky+ boxes shipped in the UK are made by Pace, and appear to have an RS232 port on the back of them. This is used to output some kind of Nielsen ratings information, has been used as the interface for Sky’s Gnome thingy, and provides data for a third-party control and monitoring program about what you are watching (for feedback from commands issued by the RF2 interface).

SkySerial is a C# implementation of a parser that understands these messages, and includes a small console program so you can see what is on the telly! I’ve since tidied it up a bit, added some unit tests, and tested against the latest firmware on my own Sky box.

Here it is running on my media PC:

The source, as usual, is over on BitBucket. If you find a use for it, let me know :-)